Chess Club

"Chess is everything: art, science and sport"

- Anatoly Karpov

The Trinity chess club has proven very popular with aspiring ‘Grand Masters’ signing up for the opportunity to learn about chess, improve their skills and represent Trinity at inter-school tournaments.

Every Tuesday morning while most Trinity students are still sleeping or enjoying their breakfasts, the Trinity Checkmates already have their minds in top gear plotting, planning, scheming and laughing.

Through professional coaching from the Gardiner Chess Company, our members strengthen their chess knowledge and develop skills such as the four move checkmate, steamroller and the French defence. Our senior players patiently help our new members to understand the fundamentals of chess while providing a supportive and inviting environment.

Each term the Checkmates travel to interschool tournaments where players are grouped and graded into teams of four to go head to head with other local schools. It is in the practice sessions and tournaments that students are required to call upon higher-order thinking skills, analyse actions and consequences, and visualise future possibilities.

Chess develops memory, logical thinking, sportsmanship, improves concentration and teaches how to make tough and abstract decisions.


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