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Farewell to the OP system and hello to the ATAR system!

Last week we farewelled the Class of 2019. We were blessed to have a group of passionate and driven students whose time at Trinity ranged from nine months to 14 years. Irrespective of how long they had attended Trinity, these students united as one body in terms of demonstrating how we welcome...

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Engaging young minds and making learning exciting and fun...

This term the Year 7’s have studied Ancient China. They read the novel, Between the Dragon and the Eagle, which is based on the journey of a stunning bolt of blue silk that is traded and sold along the famous silk road. For the English assessment task, the students stepped...

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Strong relationships strengthen an individual’s wellbeing

As Principal of the College, I conduct both enrolment and exit interviews, during which I regularly discuss how the programs and services we offer cater specifically to students’ developmental needs. Lutheran education is well known for its holistic approach. We do not talk specifically about individual disciplines such as academics,...

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P&F Christmas Carols & Fun Fiesta!

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