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2018 Volunteers Appreciation Function

Did you know that volunteers in schools have a powerful positive impact on both the students and schools? Henderson and Mapp (2002) report evidence that volunteers are significant in helping to create a supportive and welcoming environment at schools and in facilitating students’ behavior and performance. As positive role models and...

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The 2018 Prep and Year 1 Fun Swimming Morning!

The Prep and Year 1 Fun Swimming Morning was once again a successful event for keen our Junior swimmers and their families. Despite the overcast conditions, the students were full of passion, vigour and enthusiasm for the 25m events. It was great to see such a huge turnout from the Trinity...

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Our Junior Years Extraordinary Experience Day

What a buzz there was on our Junior Years campus on Monday 5 November. All students from Prep to Year 5 were involved in a special Extraordinary Experience Day. This year we have been working on providing some extra opportunities for our students to enrich their classrooms experiences. We have particularly been...

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